"Wounded Breath" albümü Culture Catch dergisi tarafindan "2009 SENESININ EN IYI ALBUMLERI" listesine dahil edildi.

Ear Rational Music January 2012
Experimental harp music. Ya, you read that right. Think of John Cage's prepared pianos and apply it to the harp. The music is still rich and full as you would a think a harp to be - it is a big instrument, it should make big sounds. There sounds to be bowing, plucking and strikes on the instrument. Overall, I feel this is a mix of music box music for the demented or sometimes a lead up to the scary part of a horror movie. It sounds like at least 2 harps are played at a time, or multiple people playing the same one together. Certain points do lose the whole sound of the harp and it becomes more truly experimental with scraping and odd sounds that I am not entirely sure on how they generated them - almost sounds like sounds you would hear in a parking garage - lots of reverb and metallic sounds. A rich and engaging recording - experimental but it doesn't have the aggressive or harsh angle that so much experimental music has. A very mature recording. 

Ear Rational Music January 2012

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