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Culture Catch Magazine April 2012
Turkish composer Erdem Helvacioglu (b. 1975) started out in a prog-rock band (Too Much), switched to electronic music (though he is currently in another rock band, Rashit), and now has made this album of music for prepared piano (at times he also plays inside the instrument, directly on the strings). While Eleven Short Stories inevitably brings to mind the piano music of Henry Cowell and John Cage, Helvacioglu's electronic-music outlook has influenced its sound and process; whether because of that or actual influence, "Shattered Snow Globe" resembles Brian Eno's Music for Airports in its textures and deployment of kaleidoscopic patterns. Helvacioglu's pieces here are very concerned with sound, of course, and the sparely deployed sounds have plenty of room to be appreciated. This space and his careful recording combine to create a sort of sonic halo around his music’s events. Those events come in a wide variety of manifestations, from meditatively tuneful pieces such as "Will I Ever See You Again" (which does get grittier near the end) to "Trapped in the Labyrinth," a series of percussive noises. That's not for everyone, of course, but this is an intriguing album that obliterates genre boundaries and often creates music of quiet beauty.

Steve Holtje

Eleven Short Stories