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Luna Kafe Magazine July 2007
Erdem Helvacioglu's Altered Realities arrived this morning all the way from Istanbul, Turkey. Using just an acoustic guitar and live electronics, Helvacioglu creates shimmering, glistening soundworlds, recorded in real time to DAT with no overdubs. This fact alone makes the resonant beauty of this music all the more remakable. And like many artists for whom English is not a first language, Helvacioglu manages to tease delicious new juxtapositions out of his song titles; "Dreaming on a Blind Saddle" and "Pearl Border on a Dune" are two of the most evocative I've heard in a while.

The sound of the acoustic guitar forms the core of each piece, and then modulated reflections of the original sound transform around it. The most straightforward example of Helvacioglu's technique can be found in the delightful "Frozen Resophonic", where the pitchshifted guitar traces a wobbly melody amid a bright halo of reverb. For the most part the manipulations multiply the resonant qualities of the guitar, emphasising the simple beauty of the melodic lines. Then, at times, the prettiness is overwhelmed by dissonant swarms of tone or ominous tremolo swells. Wherever Helvacioglu takes the listener, it's always completely arresting and disarmingly beautiful.
Luna Kafe Magazine July 2007

Altered Realities