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Psychemusic Magazine May 2010
Private release     Erdem Helvacioglu & Per Boysen : Sub City 2064 (TÜ/S,2010)***°

‘Live electronics’ are being used more and more often, not only as tools for new effects or distortions on an instrument, but also as real, distinctive instruments with their own pallet of pre-programmed changes. Turkish-born Erdem Helvacioglu and Swedish Per Boysen both have experience in this field. Erdem uses the guitar, the cello guitar and a drum machine as his main instruments for filtering, programming and electronic processing. Per plays flute and some tenor sax and horns and uses EWI, and his ‘step-o-phonic loopperformer’ meta instrument, fretless bass and live electronics.
This way the improvisations between the two artists start from a wide and colourful pallet, where the guitars are not only used for live melodic playing, but also for all sorts of guitar strings reverberations. These reverberations range from fast to slow, sometimes with overlaps so that there is an orchestral feeling, consisting of a near-ambient setting of sound-paint and drones, mixed with a few different, rhythmical, colourful variations. The strangest sounds come from the cello guitar, which sound like a balloon performance on one occasion (track 5). Overlaps, loops, effects and textures are also used in the mix. The horns are a few times a great extension of an effect in the bass parts. Interesting !

Homepage with audio : http://erdemhelvaciogluandperboysen.bandcamp.com/
Solo homepages : http://www.myspace.com/erdemhelvacioglu
& http://www.myspace.com/perboysen & http://www.erdemhelvacioglu.com
or http://www.perboysen.com/ & http://www.looproom.com/
Info & audio on release : http://www.perboysen.com/archives/676
& http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/erdemper
Previous releases of Erdem I have reviewed on http://psychefolk.com/Turkpsych.html
& http://www.psychemusic.org/prog16.html#anchor_218

Sub City 2064