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PSF's 2010 Writers' Poll
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Left to right: The Eels, Gil Scott-Heron, Kemialliset Ystavat, Janelle Monae, Guitar Shorty

Can it already be another year and another poll of our PSF writers? Guess so and that means that our crew lets loose with 20 of their favorite albums (or less if they like). Also note that some of the lists are kind of unconventional (which we approve of, needless to say). As usual, we don't tally up the results to find out whoever's most popular here. Instead, we hope you can take the time to wade through the selections and find some undiscovered gems or records you just didn't know came out this year. Or maybe you'll find some comfort that one of your faves is here or get mad that some albums you hated made the list. In any case, let the musical conversations and arguments flow. Enjoy!

Richard Haslop
Rather than necessarily my favourites of the year, I thought I�d list, alphabetically, 20 albums, including a couple from South Africa, worth seeking out that might otherwise have been missed unless one was paying fairly close attention.

Sam Amidon I See The Sign
Barn Owl Ancestral Star
Benguela Black Southeaster
The Black Twig Pickers Ironto Special
Chicago Underground Duo Boca Negra
Marilyn Crispell / David Rothenberg One Dark Night I Left My Silent House
Food Quiet Inlet
Otis Gibbs Joe Hill�s Ashes
Erdem Helvacioglu & Per Boysen Sub City 2064
Micah P. Hinson Micah P. Hinson & the Pioneer Saboteurs
Carlo Mombelli & the Prisoners of Strange Theory
Mountain Man Made The Harbor
Doug Paisley Constant Companion
The Parting Gifts Strychnine Dandelion
Emily Portman The Glamoury
Tamikrest Adagh
Cath & Phil Tyler The Hind Wheels Of Bad Luck
Various Music Of Central Asia Vols 7-9
Various Next Stop ... Soweto Vols 1-3
Chris Wood Handmade Life

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Sub City 2064