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Loop Magazine July 2011
Erdem Helvacioğlu & Ros Bandt, “Black Falcon”, Pozitif Music Yapim, 2011

The black falcons in Europe and Australia are considered endangered and on the other hand the domestication of these birds, creates a natural tension that moved two talented musicians to collaborate, Turkey's Erdem Hevacioğlu who plays electric guitar and live electronics, and Australia's sound artist Ros Bandt playing her long-neck tarhu (a new form of spike fiddle, created by instrument maker and musician Peter Biffin. It is used by East and Central Asian ethnic groups).
“Black Falcon” combines the new world of software design and the traditional one with a string instrument. While Erdem delivers thick layers of sound with the guitar and electronics, Ros takes out from the tarhu a myriad of harsh and soft sounds and vast drones.
The album moves through ambient and electro-acoustic with a strong influence of the music of the Middle East and the result are seven fine tracks which are improvisations as both collaborated for years.
The opener track which gives name to the album combines the nostalgic notes of Ros’s tarhu and the atmospheric guitar lines of Erdem delivering a beautiful composition. While on “Game Country” Ros stippel the tarhu with her fingers creating a disturbing mood. More complex soundscapes come from “Circle Around the Shadows” or the abstract dialogues on “Flow Of Victory”.
This is a beautiful piece of work that blends the delicacy of the traditional and modern music.
www.erdemhelvacioglu.com, www.myspace.com/erdemhelvacioglu, www.rosbandt.com and www.myspace.com/pozitifmuzikyapim 

Guillermo Escudero
July 2011

Black Falcon