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time off april 2007
The songs of Erdem Helvacioglu act like rolling mists that creep in, envelop you and unfurl with subtle splendour. Reminiscent of the expansive ambience and echo of Stars Of The Lid, Lanterna or Arvo Pärt, these seven extended pieces are based around solo acoustic guitar compositions, then given fl esh and feeling through their manipulation of electronics and effects. Ghosts in the machine swirl throughout the background and propel the sometimes formless (‘Dreaming On A Blind Saddle’), sometimes staccato (‘Frozen Resophonic’) guitar lines toward their inevitable conclusion and climax. Recorded in real time and without any overdubs, the beauty present in Altered Realities is undeniable and while not of an orthodox structure or delivery, the songs here are every bit as resonant with the imagination as art long laboured over.
(Alex Gillies)
time off april 2007

Altered Realities