"Eleven Short Stories" albümü, Istanbul'un en heyecan verici plak dükkanı KONTRA PLAK tarafından "2012 SENESININ EN IYI ALBUMLERI" listesine dahil edildi.

psychefolk january 2009
Helvacioglu makes new music from improvised semi-acoustic laptop music using dynamic actions of rich clustered sounds. These sounds could be sampled sound recalling earthly sounds that you can feel or still sense its origin, from water, strings, plastic, bowls, sacks or stone, which receive a different shape in space, moving quickly like in tubes or tunnels, or as if moved by rapid wind turmoil, black holes, leaving energetic tentacles. Especially “Lead crystal marbles” shows its origin of sounds (marbles falling onto a table and metal), which is speeded up, slowed down and finally reshaped, with spacey or other effect, and with some additional sounds. I love it best when its organic origin and movements remain recognisable, and its energy moves and is deformed with a natural creative energy, like on the first three tracks. Play loud !

Wounded Breath