"Eleven Short Stories" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2012" list by KONTRA PLAK, the coolest record shop in Istanbul.

Vital Weekly March 2012
For his eleven pieces for prepared piano, Erdem Helvaciouglu pays homage to some of his favorite film directors (Lynch, Kieslowski, Angelopoulos, Campion, Ki-Duk, Soderberg), but the titles do not refer to any of them especially, but rather scenes from movies. Me no film buff, I could say to which movies these scene belong. Turkish composer Helvacioglu has composed electronic music, which we reviewed in Vital Weekly 675, but here its the prepared piano, which he prepared with pencils, erasers, paper, plastic and metal spoons, knives, forks, drumsticks, guitar plectrums and slides, e-bows, metal plates, clapsticks, ear plugs, paperclips, a toy train and a 60s fashion magazine (in case you are ever near piano, you know what to try out, but be sure to use the strings inside). The music is throughout what I would lump in with the modern classical world, and John Cage never seems far away, but overall Helvacioglu has a melodic touch also, a melodic melancholiac touch that is. Indeed the sort of music you would imagine to go along art house movies - long open camera shots of an empty park, with one bench in the middle, with a person sitting on it. From the far right somebody walks slowly to the bench and 'Trapped In The Labyrinth' is the soundtrack. I can all too easily imagine that happening. Normally I am not the biggest lover of modern classical music, but for this lovely solo prepared piano I very gladly make an exception.

Frans de Waard

Eleven Short Stories