"Eleven Short Stories" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2012" list by KONTRA PLAK, the coolest record shop in Istanbul.

soundsect february 2009
The latest release from this Turkish Electroacoustic artist is a journey through various frightening and amazing soundscapes. Erdem Helvacioglu manages to place the listener exactly where he wants to in his auditory world, where you just let go and let him guide you on this trip.

The album opener, “Below the Cold Ocean” drops you off as part of a diving team in some cold and remote part of the world scarcely seen by human eyes. The ancient glaciers cracking and shifting, the sounds of your gear. The wildlife distant and cautious. Erdem perfectly captures the aural sense of wonderment and the fear-inducing foreboding of the unknown. 

“Lead Crystal Marbles”, the middle track of Wounded Breath, is the strongest track on the album. Throughout the 17 minutes you are completely engrossed in the sounds around you. From the opening crash of all those marbles falling, it is obvious you are in for a treat. The moments of near silence are just as interesting as the stampede of marbles bouncing and rolling around you. 

Wounded Breath slows down a bit on the last two tracks. Where “Blank Mirror” is a little stale and doesn’t keep your interest as fully as the early tracks did.  ”Wounded Breath” is a slightly too chaotic and haphazard at times, and doesn’t feel nearly as cohesive as something like “Below the Cold Ocean”.  Not to say these are lackluster pieces of music at all.  They are both very well done, but coming after three very strong earlier tracks hurts them.

Overall Wounded Breath is a fantastic album and Erdem is a brilliant and talented musician. I look forward to experiencing more of his work in the future.
soundsect february 2009

Wounded Breath