"Sub City 2064" album was Editor’s Top Three CDs in Guitar Player magazine’s september issue of 2010.

Psychefolk Magazine May 2011
Turkish ambient guitarist Erdem Helvacioglu found an improvising partner in the Australian cello player Ros Bandt. In the beginning it is a cello improvisation, which leads the score, with harmonic echoing sounds from guitar accompanying with echoing keyboards-like textures. This improvisation is led by a sad dry cello sound with old music or ethnic flavours, changing shape and colour more often. Oscillating and picking variations occur on the guitar, the cello takes a picking theme. Then the guitar starts to lead, first oscillating, after the example of the cello (3) and Erdem added windy sounds (4), more complex machine-like sound harmonies occur (5), and bowed vibrating tones and occasionally distorted guitar sounds (6). Also the cello performed more free sound-sensitive and wrapping bowed sound improvisations. The guitar picks a bit with lots of echoes droning. An album between (mostly electronically processed guitar based) ambient music and real live improvisation.

Black Falcon