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Pitchfork Magazine June 2004
Erdem Helvacioglu: A Walk Through the Bazaar

An open marketplace in Istanbul is Erdem Helvacioglu's chosen setting. Helvacioglu captures the overlapping voices and middle-distance commotion beautifully. The clear and detailed audio snapshot, which features vendors hawking their wares, families humming together as they stroll past, and music bleeding in from a nearby boombox, is as richly revealing as a well-framed photograph. The opening section of the response track finds Helvacioglu crafting his own soundscape by mixing beautiful drones with well-placed samples from the bazaar. Eventually, some beats join in and the track grows upbeat and hectic, but Helvacioglu is careful to preserve the dreamy mood established by the introduction. The effect of hearing voices that became so familiar in the opening track blending with the music is striking, like the musical realization of a recovered memory.

Mark Richardson
Pitchfork Magazine June 2004

A Walk Through the Bazaar