"Timeless Waves" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2012" list on the Canadian music magazine EXCLAIM.

New Classics Magazine

Erdem Helvacioğlu is one of Turkey’s leading electronic music composers and his works have been performed and broadcast all around the world. His compositions have been included in prestigious festivals such as the San Francisco Tape Music Festival, Seoul International Computer Music Festival, Musica Viva Festival, Primavera en La Habana and Third Practice Electro-acoustic Music Festival. He has received many international awards and as well as his electronic music he composes for theatre, film, multimedia productions. Helvacioğlu performs his music worldwide and produces major acts in Turkey. For his latest album, Sub City 2064, Erdem Helvacioğlu (electric guitar, GuitarViol) has joined with Sweden’s Per Boysen (flute, sax, EWI, fretless and dropped-B electrics) to create improvised music that could be the soundtrack to a science fiction horror film. Looping and sophisticated electronics produce deep, intelligent and beautiful cinematic compositions that at times are reminiscent of Stockhausen, Hassell, Eno, NIN and Floyd, but brilliantly transcend those and their many other influences. See also Erdem Helvacioğlu’s previous CD, Wounded Breath.


Wounded Breath, is a collection of five imaginative and rewarding electro-acoustic works as Erdem Helvacioglu manipulates sounds that he generates by playing an acoustic guitar through a series of processors and programs,  creating wonderfully atmospheric environments for the listener to explore. Below the Cold Ocean takes us on a dive below the Arctic Ocean with its frozen water and eerily clicking ice. Dance of Fire features the hypnotising sound of fire. In the playful Lead Crystal Marbles we hear the sound of glass marbles dropping, bouncing on the floor then going their separate ways. In the Blank Mirror we see a man's blurred image in the mirror but who is this stranger? In Wounded Breath an elderly lady lies in her death bed in a dim room with her memories, illusions, dreams and last words. This outstanding music takes you on exciting journeys into strangely beautiful and magical places.


Altered Realities, features solo acoustic guitar and live electronics, all recorded in real-time directly to DAT (Digital Audio Tape) without any overdubs, mixing, editing, post-processing, or the use of previously recorded material. All of the textures were created based only on the acoustic guitar signal with no other sound source used during the recording. Within these textures, there are long sustaining single notes, beautiful shimmering chords and rhythmic clusters. The moment that is recorded is the moment that we hear on this CD’s seven tracks, with imaginative titles such as Bridge to Horizon, Sliding on a Glacier, Dreaming on a Blind Saddle, Pearl Border and Ebony Remains. Simultaneously gentle, wonderfully spacey and melodic, Erdem Helvacioğlu’s adventurous music is a richly rewarding experience.