"Black Falcon" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2011" list on Seattlepi magazine.

morpheus music march 2009
Five electro acoustic environments. Wounded Breath delivers a rich montaging of lo-fi creaks, aural fractures, dull rumbles, crackling textures and semi percussive tones - many sounding as is they have been painstakingly collected rather than created. These 'natural' fragments are carefully built up into environmental structures underpinned by delicate synthetic drones and enhanced by deft digital processing. This method of arrangement means that the foreground sounds are largely atonal, whilst the subtle drones that hang in the background move in and out of consonance - sometimes soft musical washes, sometimes more like breaths of air, sometimes as devoid of tonality as the foreground noise. No beats, no tangible melody - the five compositions are unfettered by obvious structure - apparently freeform and loose - nevertheless, very tight and logical.
Wounded Breath comes in a jewel case with a single sheet insert. The main cover image presents a soft liquid blue surface - hidden in the depths a shut eyed profile, lips parted, engulfed in the deep blue medium surrounding it. To the right five recurring wave forms move away from the face. These waves re-appear on the back cover where each connects to a track title. Here too are credits, thanks and website details. The insert holds a poetic accompaniment to each track - a mental image to give form to the sound. Also there is a paragraph providing information about the composer and his musical achievements.
Turkish composer Erdem Helvacioglu returns here with his latest album, released via Aucourant Records. Promotional material explains "the works on this album each explore the capacities of sound design that is the hallmark of the current state of the art of electroacoustic music composition". Helvacioglu masterfully interweaves his peculiar found sounds with the effects of cutting edge technology to deliver some very personal recordings. Internationally recognised, Helvacioglu's music has been performed at prestigious festivals and broadcast all around the world. He has collaborated with a growing number of well-known musical figures and is also actively involved in composing for films, multimedia productions, contemporary dance and theatre.

Wounded Breath