"Timeless Waves" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2012" list on the Canadian music magazine EXCLAIM.

Monsier Deliere April 2012
Of course I had to receive this new opus from Turkish composer Erdem Helvacioglu right after I broadcasted a one-hour musical profile on him on Délire actuel. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to broadcast an addendum, especially since this new CD is so enjoyable and different. Eleven Short Stories feature 11 short pieces for prepared piano. No electronics, no electroacoustics, only a concert piano, five microphones, and various preparations. The music is often slow-paced and meditative, with the sustain pedal depressed through out, in order to let every resonance unfold. The sound capture is perfect, the mood is quiet, and the beauty is palpable. Simple, meticulously-designed music.

Francois Couture


Eleven Short Stories