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Loop Magazine May 2010
Erdem Helvacioğlu & Per Boysen, "Sub City 2064", Independent, 2010

Erdem Helvacıoğlu (Turkey) and Per Boysen (Sweden) joined forces to produce this album interchanging files from one country to the other. 
Helvacıoğlu plays TogaMan GuitarViol, electric guitar and electronics and Boysen plays alto flute, tenor saxophone, EWI, electronics, drop-B and electric guitars. 
Helvacioğlu is a film music composer and sound artist considered a talent artist of his generation in Turkey and has attended festivals in USA, Europe and South America. He has released the albums “Alterred Realities” (New Albion, 2006) and “Wounded Breath” (Aucourant, 2009).
Boysen is a free-lance musician who has toured around the world and produces and record music for CD’s, multimedia DVD’s, radio and television.
On "Sub City 2064" different genres are explored in the likes of ambient, electronic, avant-garde, metal shaping an amalgam of soundscapes for the underground world.
http://erdemhelvaciogluandperboysen.bandcamp.com    www.erdemhelvacioglu.com www.perboysen.com, www.looproom.com 

Sub City 2064