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La Gouttiere Magazine October 2007
La gouttiere  interview- Erdem HELVACIOGLU

- To begin with, tell us how have you got to music?

I have got into music when i was eleven years old. I started by playing the guitar. During those years I was interested mostly in rock, pop and jazz. I have been in many rock bands and played at lots of festivals around Istanbul. I have released a demo album with an Istanbul progressive, psychedelic rock band TOO MUCH when i was in high school. After this guitar period, during my university days I became interested in electronic music. First, I started listening to commercial electronic musics of the day, but then eventually my interestes turned more towards contemporary electronic, electroacoustic music. After I graduated, I started my masters degree on sound engineering and electroacoustic music composition. During this study time, my style has started to take shape.

- For how long have you been guitar player? It must be difficult to reconcile your love of guitar with electronic music.

I have been playing the guitar for nearly 20 years. I do not think it is too difficult to reconcile my love of guitar with electronic music. From the very first days, I have always been interested in extending the sonic characterictic of the guitar, either through the use of complex effects or various adventurous tunings anyway.

- Your music is really soft, mind-blowing, smooth and so on. Is it a need to free you from the urban chaos?

I do not think it in that term actually, it is not a need to escape from the urban reality. But I mostly compose at my studio at night. Maybe that tranquility did effect the smooth, ethereal quality of my music.

- "Altered Realities" would be a perfect sound-track for a film. Which movie would you choose for your album?

It is very hard to choose just one movie. But I can name some directors. I think the album would work very well with David Lynch, Michael Mann and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu movies.

- You just have recorded a new album. What direction have you taken? A different one? Is something different?

Actually I finished 2 new albums. One is a sound installation commissioned by the 10th Istanbul Biennial. It is a 58 minute work, in 5 movements for 8 speaker setup. It will be heard at the biennial until 4th november 2007. It is about the history of the first opera house in Turkey. Although this is a site specific work, it also works great as a piece on a cd. I am really proud of this work. The other album includes my 5 prize winning electroacoustic tape works. These pieces have been performed at various prestigious electroacoustic festivals and received prizes from Luigi Russolo, Insulae, MUSICA NOVA electroacoustic music competitions. It will be great to share these compositions with the electronic music listeners. The listeners who know my work through Altered Realities will discover another side of me. Both of these albums are planned to be released in 2008. 

- The turkish musical scene is not very famous in France, can you explain how it works ?

The Turkish music scene includes many types of commercial music, from rock to turkish pop, from traditional turkish music to jazz. But unfortunately there are not many electronic, electroacoustic music composers. Compared to 10 years the electronic music scene is much more active of course. Now we have several universities with sound engineering and electroacoustic music departments. There are a few electronic music, soundart festivals taking place thorough out the year. I think in the next 10 years, the world will hear much more electronic music from Turkey. If anyone is interested in the first Turkish electroacoustic music works, they should definitely check out the pieces by Ilhan Mimaroglu and Bulent Arel. 

- Is it a kind of "reserved" scene ?

I guess it is much more reserved than the French music scene. All around Europe and USA, there is support for innovative works either from the governments or from the special organizations. Unfortunately there is not much support towards new music in Turkey. That is one of the reasons why the Turkish contemporary music can not be heard much outside the country. I hope that this will change eventually. Istanbul is announced to be the 2010 European capital of culture. I hope that around that date, there will be many new music festivals, commissions, albums so that people outside of Turkey will get a chance to discover another musical side of the country besides the traditional musics.

- To conclude, have you something to say to the French readers?

I would be very glad if the readers could check out this site for my Altered Realities album www.newalbion.com/NA131 . Of course it would be great if they would buy the album through various online sites like amazon fr, and invite me for a concert at their hometown! I plan to do a European tour in spring and France is at the top of my list of places to play and visit.