"Timeless Waves" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2012" list on the Canadian music magazine EXCLAIM.

Guitar Player Magazine April 2011
Erdem Helvacioglu & Ros Bandt
"Black Falcon"

This beautifully realized album represents an entirely improvised collaboration between two of today’s most imaginative and celebrated new music composers and musicians—one Turkish and the other Australian. Here, Erdem Helvacioglu plays electric guitar through ultra-sophisticated electronic processing, while Ros Bandt performs on the Tarhu, a long-necked 4-string instrument built by Peter Biffin, which may be bowed or played pizzicato. Taking the plight of the black falcon (common to Europe and Australia) as their theme, the two create wondrously evocative soundscapes that explore both the behavior of the endangered raptors and the underlying theme of nature verses modernity—without ever becoming sententious or maudlin. This is one of those albums you need to immerse yourself in to fully appreciate—and as with Brian Eno’s more ambient works, each immersion results in fresh discoveries and greater satisfaction. Pozitif Muzik.

Barry Cleveland

Black Falcon