"Sub City 2064" album was Editor’s Top Three CDs in Guitar Player magazine’s september issue of 2010.

Chain D.L.K Magazine April 2012
At first blush, this release, commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary for The Morning Line - an interdisciplinary art project by Matthew Ritchie, Aranda/Lasch and Arup AGU - and premiered two years ago on the occasion of an exhibition at Emononu Square in Istanbul, could look like some academic offhandedness against some poetic vision about emotional world, a little bit like Roland Barthes' milling of lover's discourses, due to reference marks to a notorious text book by Professor W.Gerrod Parrott, "Emotions In Social Psychology", based on a similarity-sorting study of emotions, so that many ways for referring to different emotions merge into six aggregate (love, joy, surprise, anger, fear, sadness) after some tests, which have been reprised in the titles of the tracks by this Turkish composer. What Erdem Helvacioglu made in "Timelass Waves" is not a pretentious mapping of emotional world or an act of bumptious omniscence, as it's more correct to think about any track as sonic ganglions where many sketches are joined together in order to shape six emotional spheres, which are connected each other by trusses of neural connections and reticular bridges. In keeping with empirical methods which are normally followed for this kind of academic studies and in order to appreciate Erdem's musical skills, you can play a game: without looking at the tracklist, list the above-mentioned categories of emotions and try matching each track with one of them. I'm pretty sure you'll easily guess all matches and I'm certain most of you are going to appreciate sonic processing by Erdam of Togaman GuitarViol and Gibson Les Paul electric guitar as well as sonic acrocatics he imposes to sound frequencies by tapping into electroacoustic, concrete music, noise, drone and minimalism music territories. 

Vito Camarretta

Timeless Waves