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Apopsy Magazine February 2008
- Who was your first model for holding a guitar? Name some of the guitarists you admire most.
One of my first models for guitar was Al di Meola. I was so influenced by him that I have bought the very same acoustic guitar that he was playing during those times. As acoustic guitarists, I admire Michael Hedges, John McLaughlin, Tommy Emmanuel and as electric guitarists, I admire Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, Bill Frisell and David Torn a lot.

- How did you develop your style of using the acoustic guitar and electronics?
I have always been interested in using electronics with guitars. Firstly, I was interested in using guitar synths. But I was not very satisfied with the results that I have gotten with the guitar synths. For me, they were not the greatest tools to create personal, special textures. Then I became interested in using complex digital and analog units. For the last 10 years I have ben involved heavily with using computer for sound design and live electronics. I studied sound engineering and electroacoustic composition at ITU MIAM for my masters degree. During that time, I had a chance to learn various softwares used for contemporary electronic music such as MSP, Soundhack, Metasynth, Protools, Cound, Audiomulch. I wanted to combine my knowledge of live electronics with my acoustic guitar playing to create a unique sound of my own. Hopefully I have managed that.
- Why did you choose to work solo?
I have played in bands for nearly 10 years. As soon as I have started to experiment with electronics, I have started to experience the joy of composing, performing, producing on my own. I think working as a solo artist has helped me a lot with my improvement as a producer, engineer, composer.

- How do you manage to record in real time and without any mixing and overdubs, while playing the guitar and producing all these electronic sounds?
This is done with special patches I have written within the software Audiomulch and hardware effects program TC Electronic Fireworx. I can control all of the parameters with my Behringer FCB1010 Midi foot controller.Rather than creating a simple effects patch and then playing tunes around it, I have developed a style where I compose the very complex effects patches and the score of the work at the same time. With this approach, I have tried to combine the best of both worlds. 

- What changes or landmarks in your life can you attribute to the music you play?
Well I am not very sure about how the music I compose affected my life, but I think there are certain aspects that have changed my life in a way. Before composing these pieces for "solo acoustic guitar and live electronics", I composed many works of electroacoustic tape, computer music. Although I have enjoyed that compositional process, I have realized that my expressive side has begun to wane because of the rather abstract nature of these works. With the "Altered Realities" album, I have begun to feel content with myself again. I am much happier to be able to express myself through the use of guitar and electronics. Since I am much content and calm, I think this also translated to my relationtionships with other people.

- What about the current situation of jazz in your country and furthermore the contemporary music scene in Turkey?
The contemporary music scene in Turkey, especially electroacoustic music is growing very rapidly. There are a lot of new composers who are interested in using electronics within their setup. The jazz scene is growing too. There are much more venues for performing jazz in Istanbul compared to 10 years ago. Also the jazz festivals in Istanbul are one of the most respected jazz festivals in Europe. The major problem with the contemporary music scene in Turkey is that there are not many record labels which release this kind of music. It is hard for the musicians, composers to get international recognition. Hopefully, this will change for the better in the next 5 years.

- What do you think about your country's course towards the European Union?
I hope that Turkey will be in the Union until 2010. I think Turkey has made a lot of progress economically, culturally, politically in the last 5 years and definitely deserves to be in the Union. But the politicians especially from France, Germany, Austria are afraid to take Turkey as a member because of our population, religion and cultural difference. Time will tell what will happen in the next 5 years....
Apopsy Magazine February 2008Apopsy Magazine February 2008Apopsy Magazine February 2008

Altered Realities